Audi’s Audi Demand’ Program Might Be Ready For Car Sharing-What’s In It For You?

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Today, big automakers are preparing for a future in which people can share vehicles instead of owning them. Every company has its take on this strategy on how this will work in the foreseeable future. Mercedes-Benz will pioneer the Airbnb for cars; Tesla creates self-driving cars that can be used to earn money, while Audi plans for a more ride sharing strategy.

According to an interview by Autocar, Audi sales and marketing boss Dietmar Voggenreiter stated that the company has been gearing up towards a sharing economy in which more ride sharing will be done as well as more mobility. This strategy is also in conjunction with the annual sales of two million units goal by Audi, and as 2016 ends, the company sold a record of 1.871 million units.

“It will be different – more and more on-demand, with people not owning but using – so we don’t count registrations. It’s the opposite. Will you need fewer cars for the same motorists? There’s a new product for that,” says Voggenreiter.

Currently, the Audi On Demand program is being piloted in Hong Kong in which residents can rent Q7, TT, RS, and A3. The apartment blocks have 1000 flats, and only 150 parking spaces and residents can rent cars whenever they need it using their smartphones.

Voggenreiter mentioned that 20% of Audi’s future business will focus on software development. This plan is not only exclusive on smartphone apps and car sharing schemes, but also functions in cars.

The car sharing system of Audi is a very interesting project. Imagine apartment residents who do not own a car can rent a sports car, SUV, or sedan based on the need on every particular day. What are your thoughts about Audi’s on demand program? Share it in the comment section below. Source: Autoworldnews

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